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We have had years of experience teaching grades 1- 12 in the public school system. We have also taught thousands of students with many varied learning styles and needs. We have a keen knowledge of the content of courses, but can also quickly identify where learning gaps are, and how to solve them.

Elementary Math Tutoring

Elementary Math

We can help your child make sense of numbers, and love it too!

English Language Tutoring


We provide primary to college instruction, along with essay feedback and editing. 

High School Math Tutoring

High School Math

Grade 9/10 Math

Grade 11 Functions

Grade 12 Data 

Grade 12 Functions 

Grade 12 Calculus

Classmates in the Library


Conversational French

Grades 1-12 French

DELF training

Science Tutoring


Grades 4-8

Grades 9/10

Grades 11/12 Biology 

Grades 11/12 Physics 

Grades 11/12 Chemistry

History Tutoring

History / Geography

We cover all grades and topics.


Supercharge your learning journey with our personalized tutoring sessions! Elevate your understanding, boost your confidence, and achieve academic success – book your session now!

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